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Aromatix Mini Two Room Set
Aromatix Air has changed the diffuser game for good with the Aromatix Mini. The Mini’s sleek, stylish exterior, houses state-of-the-art internal nebulizing technology. Users have total control over the scent intensity, creating a personalized experience that is unique every time. The Two Room Set covers multiple zones within your home or business. Design your own experience with our Aromatix Scent Collection.
Features include
Car mode, 2hr/4hr/all-day timer, and Portable Rechargeable battery
Suited for
Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Offices, Small Lobbies, Cars, Seating Areas
Do not use water. Use Rubbing Alcohol only to clean machine. Using anything other than Rubbing Alcohol will void warranty.
$ 224.99 USD
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Elevate your Home Experience
Nebulization is a process that breaks a fragrance oil down to a very fine, dry mist that leaves no residue. It preserves the intention behind our aroma by keeping the essential oil blend’s olfactive and therapeutic powers intact. The result? A subtle scent that remains consistent day in and day out, while lasting longer than standard plug-ins.