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Aromatix Mini

Our Mini uses cold-air diffusion technology that release nanoparticles, leaving behind no residue, and providing a subtle, scented environment.

This wonderful technology preserves the integrity of your essential oils, providing the most therapeutic benefits.

Our machine gives off no heat, and there’s no need to dilute with water or alcohol either.

Elegant Aromas

Create your own personal ambience. Each scent has been carefully selected to enhance your living space and compliment your prefered atmosphere.
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Scent diffusion is an invisible form of art for your home. It creates a memorable experience for you and your guests through expression and comfort.

This luxurious atmosphere can be expressed in a bedroom, bathroom, or living room with the Aromatix Mini diffuser.
Business scenting establishes another form of brand identity which is proven to increase sales.

Data shows that the longer someone stays in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Our goal is to create a memorable vibe for your clients, so they never want to leave.

Check out our large selection of scents to see which vibe suits your brand the best.
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